Al Sana Property Investments Company Overview

About Us

Who We Are

Al Sana Property Investments, ASPI, is a unique property investment company that follows a singular approach to ethical investments. We specialise in maximising returns through bespoke profit-sharing ventures with carefully selected partners that enables us to provide higher profit margins for our investors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create long-term profitable investments for our investors through strategic asset growth and the capture of unique sustainable opportunities.

“We value integrity, trust, excellence, innovation and people.”

Our Investment Approach

  • Maximum value creation and capital growth through active investment in cash-flow-driven assets.
  • Identify and secure quality investment opportunities
  • Active investment management to extract full value from each asset
  • Diverse investments through asset-backed companies
  • Maximise returns and improve cash flow

Our Clients

We act as official sourcing and acquisition managers for high net worth individuals. We establish best understanding of our client’s needs which allows us to monitor the market for the most suitable fit. We strive to achieve the best value at acquisition with a medium to long-term view of retention and realisation of the asset.